Our firm has significant depth of experience in representing labor unions

We have assisted labor unions in nationwide organizing campaigns of workers that traditionally were classified as independent contractors. We have worked with the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives in drafting legislation to protect certain workers’ rights. We have defended labor organizations in federal court. We have worked with the NLRB in processing unfair labor practice charges. We have provided general advice to labor unions and their officers.

Set forth below are some of the specific legal services our firm can provide labor unions.

NLRB Proceedings

As labor unions know all too well, once an unfair labor practice charge (ULP) is filed with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), or with the Regional Director’s (RD) office of the relevant jurisdiction, an investigator is sent from the RD’s office to investigate the allegations contained in the charge. Our office has found that active participation by counsel from the investigation through the hearing often leads to more satisfactory results for the charging party.


Our firm represents labor organizations and their members in arbitrations concerning violations of collective bargaining agreements as well as grievance procedures.

Organizing Campaigns and Elections

Our firm has provided legal advice and representation to labor unions conducting nationwide organizing campaigns. We understand the need for creative solutions when dealing with employers that are resistant to a unionized work force. We also understand the need for and importance of quick intervention by the courts when an employer interferes with its employees’ Section 7 rights.

Taft-Hartley Plans (Union Trustees)

Our firm has provided legal advice to union trustees of Taft-Hartley plans on the following topics:

  • ERISA compliance
  • Appeals by plan participants
  • Fiduciary responsibilities of trustees
  • Subrogation issues
  • Disputes with employer trustees
  • Maintenance of Benefit provisions
  • Audit of SPDs and plan procedures (i.e., QDRO, Subrogation)
  • Collecting delinquent contributions from participating employers
  • Advising third party administrators